1000 Dreams Scholarship

The 1,000 Dreams Scholarship is for females in high school and college who are working hard to attain their objectives but are finding it challenging to do so owing to a lack of financial support for extracurricular activities.

They are able to achieve their greatest dream thanks to this scholarship. Their lives can be significantly improved by the microgrant program, which assists people with immediate financial needs.

The scholarship’s $1,000 stipend is not restricted to textbooks, graduate test application fees, educational conferences, or instructional programs. This money will not, however, pay for your housing, board, and tuition expenses.

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Details of the 1000 Dreams Scholarship

  • Funding: Up to $1,000
  • Eligible Grade: College Freshman
  • Age: 14-20
  • Required GPA: Any
  • Country: United States
  • Gender: Women
  • Specific School: Any
  • Field of Study: Any
  • Scholarship Name:1000 Dreams Scholarship


  • Women enrolled in high school or a two- or four-year college or university in the United States are eligible for financial aid.
  • Students must show that they have financial necessity. Applications must be accompanied by an essay outlining how the grant will be used as well as two letters of recommendation.
  • Selection will be based on letter(s) of recommendation information, financial need, and application information. It is not possible to reapply for this scholarship if you have already received it

Benefits of the 1,000 Dreams Scholarship

1. American citizens may apply

Applicants must be US citizens in order to enroll in this course. If not, they are not qualified for it.

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2. Female candidates are granted opportunities

Women candidates who want to pursue academic professions are awarded the scholarship. However, this grant does not cover tuition costs or board & lodging expenses.

3. Single usage only

All applicants are only permitted to use the scholarship once. Previous applicants who have already received the Dreams scholarship are ineligible to apply again.

4. Describe your requirements for the scholarship

To be considered for the award, applicants must provide specific information about their financial situation, as doing so will demonstrate their need for the scholarship and how it would benefit them.

5. Possible applications for the scholarship money

The $1,000 Dreams Scholarship may be used for academic and artistic advancement, creative endeavors, or textbook expenses.

6. The age range has been identified

Women who have graduated from any American school and are between the ages of 14 and 20 are eligible to apply for this award.

7. Encouraging women to pursue education

Dreams scholarship enables women to pursue education in many fields, which will improve their employment prospects and pay.

8. Dreams Scholarship provides 1,000 hours of mentoring.

The woman chosen for this program will get a stipend worth $1,000 and 1,000 hours of mentoring to support her enrollment in the chosen course.

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How to succeed with the 1,000 Dreams Scholarship

1. Describe your goals

The students must correctly justify their choice of this scholarship in order to get it. The gravity of the goals will be compromised if they are not obvious.

2. Recognizing the course’s eligibility

Knowing the program’s eligibility requirements is crucial because if applicants don’t meet them, they won’t be awarded the scholarship. Students should visit the website to read and comprehend the clauses since it contains the criteria.

1000 Dreams Scholarship

3. Gathering all the paperwork

It is crucial to gather all the information and supporting materials required to apply for this award. Additionally, pupils should correctly complete the facts without making any grammatical or punctuation issues.

4. Send the letter of recommendation

For consideration for the scholarship, two letters of recommendation must be submitted. It should discuss the students’ academic accomplishments.

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How to Apply:

Applications must include two letters of recommendation and an essay explaining how the grant would be used.

FAQs on 1000 Dreams Scholarship

Who may submit an application?

Regardless of citizenship, any woman enrolled in a U.S.-based institution (high school, college, university, graduate school, etc.) is eligible to apply. You must provide documentation proving your current enrolment in a school with a U.S. base.

What do I need to submit an application?

Complete our application sections, send two letters of recommendation, write your essay, and provide proof of your financial need.

How can I use my scholarship award?

What is it? Up to $1,000 may be given to you to support your aspirations. These needs may include, but are not limited to: textbooks, registration fees for graduate exams, travel expenses for educational conferences, or teaching relating to creative or artistic endeavors. This fund does not cover ongoing expenses like tuition, lodging & board, etc.

How can I submit a recommendation letter that is anonymous?

The individual making the recommendation must upload each letter. You will have to enter their email address to finish your application. You will be notified when the letter has been uploaded. Once letters are entered into the system, you will not have access to them.

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