AIG imoukhuede postgraduate fully funded scholarship 2024

AIG imoukhuede postgraduate scholarship is a charity program and a fully funded scholarship for African students that strives to aid their dreams for higher education. This scholarship, which was established by the AIG Foundation, not only offers financial support but also develops young talents into future leaders, social change agents, and contributors.

AIG Imoukhuede Postgraduate Scholarship 2024 Overview

The AIG Imoukhuede Postgraduate Scholarship 2024 is your passport to success if you’re an African student hoping to pursue higher education. AIG Foundation created this scholarship program with the intention of empowering and elevating African students by giving them the means to pursue their postgraduate studies. We’ll walk you through all the crucial information you need to know about this esteemed scholarship opportunity in our detailed guide.

In order to provide exceptional West Africans interested in a future in public service with the opportunity to pursue a Master of Public Policy at the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government, the AIG Scholarships were created in 2017. Since 2017, 29 aspiring public sector executives who demonstrated a love for the industry have each received a scholarship worth more than £50,000.

AIG Scholars spend a year studying at one of the best universities in the world, where they interact with other foreign students who want to become leaders in the public sector and gain knowledge from world-class academics and business experts. After receiving their degrees, scholars apply what they have learned to strengthen policies, support reforms, and advance the development of their home countries.

Eligibility requirements

Application requirements for the AIG imoukhuede postgraduate scholarship 2024 include:

You must be a Nigerian or African currently engaged in a ministry, department, agency, or parastatal of the federal or state government.

between 25 and 45 years old

have worked for at least seven (7) years, including in the public and private sectors.

possess a second-class upper qualification on their bachelor’s degree or higher.

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The AIG imoukhuede postgraduate scholarship 2024 advantages

Financial Support • All expenses, including tuition, living expenses, and a stipend for a summer project, will be paid for.

Mentoring & Coaching In-depth coaching and mentoring will be provided to scholars to ensure they make the most of their time at Oxford.

AIG Scholars will get full support in creating their career development strategies, having access to opportunities that fit their interests, and utilizing the knowledge they have gained at Oxford.

AIG imoukhuede postgraduate fully funded scholarship

Application Method

The AIG Imoukhuede Scholarship application procedure is simple and normally involves the following steps:

July 31, 2023, Monday
Now accepting applications for our class of 2024.

September 14, 2023, on Thursday
Deadlines for AIG Scholarship applications

23 September 2023 on a Sunday
Inquiry Regarding Computer-Based Exams

Essays must be submitted from October 5, 2023, to October 12, 2023.

25 October 2023 through 30 October 2023
videotaped interviews

Dec. 20, 2023
final decisions

Thursday, January 5, 2024 is the deadline for MPP applications.

orientation before departure in May 2024

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Essential Documents

Certificates and transcripts from school.
Recommendation letters from instructors or companies.
A carefully constructed statement of purpose articulating professional aspirations and the anticipated social impact.

Selection Standards

The applicant’s academic accomplishments, ability for leadership, and dedication to community development are all evaluated holistically as part of the very competitive selection process.

Recruitment Process

On October 25, 2023, those who have been shortlisted will complete a video interview.The purpose of the interview is to determine whether the applicant aligns with the goals and ideals of the scholarship.

Advice for a Powerful Application

To guarantee you have adequate time to prepare your documents and essays, start the application process early.
In your statement of purpose, be sure to express your goals for your academic and professional careers.
Include details on your extracurricular activities, community involvement, and leadership experiences.

Recipients’ Previous Experiences

The AIG Imoukhuede Scholarship’s previous recipients have spoken of life-changing events. Through networking and guidance, they have had the chance to pursue additional education without having to worry about paying for it.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the application deadline for the scholarship for 2024?
A: The precise deadline is on September 14, 2023, on Thursday.

If I haven’t been admitted to a postgraduate program, may I still apply?
A: You can apply even if you are still in the admissions process, but you must show proof of admission before the final decision is made.

The grant is available to students from all African nations, right?
A: The scholarship is available to nationals of all African nations.

A: Can I apply to more than one of the AIG Foundation’s scholarship programs?
A: You can apply, but if you were accepted for more than one scholarship, you must pick the one that best fits your objectives.

What should the emphasis be in my letters of recommendation?
A: Your letters of recommendation ought to showcase your leadership potential, moral character, and intellectual prowess.

How can I give back to my neighborhood after receiving the scholarship?
A: The fellowship encourages awardees to give back to their local communities by actively taking part in projects that foster change for the better.


For individuals who want to further their studies and have a significant social effect, the AIG Imoukhuede Postgraduate Scholarship for African Students in 2024 is a ray of hope. This award offers not only financial assistance but also access to priceless chances for both professional and personal advancement. Don’t pass up the opportunity to apply if you fit the requirements and start a life-changing educational journey.

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