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How to apply for a passport from Belgium

Citizens of Belgium are granted passports for use when traveling abroad. You must complete a series of procedures, including presenting required documentation, filling out forms, and paying costs, in order to apply for a Belgian passport. Depending on your unique circumstances and location, the process may vary significantly, but in general, it entails filing your application to your neighborhood government or embassy.

You will need to enter biometric information, provide identification that demonstrates your identity and Belgian citizenship, then wait while the passport is processed and issued. Since the application procedure can take many weeks, it is advised to start it well before any travel arrangements. I’ll walk you through each stage of applying for a Belgian passport in the replies that follow.

How to apply for a passport in Belgium

You should carry out the following actions in order to apply for a Belgian passport:

  • Set up a meeting: To schedule an appointment for your passport application, get in touch with your neighborhood government or the Belgian embassy.
  • Assemble the necessary paperwork: You must submit the following paperwork:
  • Your current national identity card or an expired passport issued by Belgium
  • An updated passport-sized photo
  • A birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or consular registration certificate is an acceptable form of identification as proof of Belgian nationality.
  • A finished passport application form, which you can get from your town or embassy
  • Describe your biometrics: You must have your fingerprints, and a digital photo taken when you show up for your appointment.
  • Pay the fee: Depending on your age and the type of passport you choose, the cost of a Belgian passport varies. At the time of your appointment, you can pay the charge.
  • Wait for processing: Following the submission of your application, you must wait while it is processed. Apply as far in advance of any travel arrangements as possible because this process can take several weeks.
  • Pick up your passport

You’ll be informed when your passport is ready, at which point you can go pick it up. When picking up your passport, you must have your current national identity card or another form of identification with you.

It is crucial to remember that the procedure could change slightly depending on your unique circumstances and area. You can get in touch with your neighborhood government or the Belgian embassy for additional information.

Fees for Applying

Getting a passport is a requirement for foreign travel for Belgian nationals. The use of a Belgian passport as identification and evidence of nationality entitles you to travel to nations that demand a passport or visa. However, depending on the type of passport, the applicant’s age, and the turnaround time, the cost of applying for a Belgium passport may change.

The sort of passport you require should be your first priority when applying for a Belgian passport. The ordinary passport and the temporary passport are two different sorts of passports. The temporary passport has a maximum validity of one year, whereas the ordinary passport is valid for seven years. Standard passports cost €77 for adults and €39 for minors under the age of 18. The price for a temporary passport is €43 for adults and €22 for minors under the age of 18.

The price of acquiring a Belgian passport might vary depending on the kind of passport and the applicant’s age. For instance, if you need to renew your passport and are over 64 years old, you can be qualified for a reduced charge of €35.50. Both regular and temporary passports are affected by this.

The cost of a Belgian passport might also be impacted by how long it takes to process. You might have to pay an extra cost for the expedited process if you require your passport right away. An expedited passport costs €245 and can be obtained in just one day. The price is €190 if you need your passport within 5 days, and €130 if you need it within 10 days. The processing period for ordinary service is roughly 3 weeks, and there is no extra charge.

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It’s also crucial to keep in mind that there can be extra expenses if you’re applying for a Belgian passport from outside of Belgium. For instance, you might have to pay a service fee in addition to the standard passport fee if you submit your application at a Belgian consulate or embassy.

In conclusion, the price of obtaining a Belgian passport varies according to the kind of passport, the applicant’s age, and the length of processing. It is crucial to take these expenses into account when making travel plans. However, a passport is a valuable purchase because it gives you access to services and allows you to travel.


In conclusion, obtaining a Belgian passport necessitates close attention to detail and compliance with all rules and regulations established by the Belgian government. The application procedure entails gathering the appropriate paperwork, making an appointment, and paying the requisite expenses. The processing times may vary. Therefore, applicants should give themselves plenty of time for their application to be processed. The passport application procedure can be easy and successful if you adhere to the instructions offered by the Belgian government and prepare all necessary papers beforehand.

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