Belgium passport fees

How much does a passport from Belgium cost?

With numerous procedures and costs involved, obtaining a Belgian passport can be expensive. The price of a Belgian passport varies depending on a number of variables, such as the kind of passport you desire and how you apply.

The cost is €60 for a normal adult passport valid for 10 years. The cost is €35 for a passport that is valid for five years. A 5-year passport costs €17 for kids under the age of 12.

During the application procedure, there could be other expenses besides the passport fee. There can be a consular fee if you decide to apply for a passport at a Belgian embassy or consulate outside of Belgium. Depending on the location and the kind of service required, this price can range from €20 to €75.

You can choose an express service for an extra €20 if you need to have your passport application processed quickly. This service can cut down on how long it takes to process your application.

If you are a Belgian citizen who lives abroad and you need a new passport, you might have to pay return postage to have your old one sent back to Belgium.

A Belgian passport can be obtained for anywhere from €35 for a 5-year child passport and €80 for a 10-year adult passport with express service. To determine the true cost of obtaining a Belgian passport, it’s crucial to factor in all additional expenses, including consular fees, postal costs, and express service fees.

Cost-Consequence Factors for Belgian Passports

The costs for obtaining a passport might vary significantly, even if the above list only includes the usual prices for a Belgian passport. These consist of the following:

  • Location: Depending on where the embassy or consulate is located, you might have to pay a consular fee if you are applying for a passport from outside of Belgium.
  • Processing time: For a price, you can choose an express service if you require your passport application to be processed more quickly.
  • Age: Passports for people above the age of 18 costs more than those for children under the age of 12.
  • Belgian passports come in a variety of designs, including regular and biometric versions. A biometric passport could be more expensive to purchase than a regular passport.
  • Application procedure: You might have to pay a charge for a civil status appointment if you decide to apply for a passport in person. There could be additional charges for postage and handling if you submit your application by mail or online.

When estimating the price of obtaining a Belgian passport, it’s crucial to take these elements into account. You should also examine the fees connected with the particular application procedure you decide to choose.

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Procedures for Obtaining a Belgian Passport

Several procedures must be followed in order to obtain a Belgian passport, including acquiring the necessary paperwork, completing the application, and paying the applicable costs. The steps in the procedure are as follows:

Gather the necessary paperwork

You must present identification and citizenship proof, such as a Belgian ID card or birth certificate, in order to apply for a Belgian passport. You might also need to present residency documentation and recent passport-sized pictures.

Complete the application

Either online or at a Belgian embassy or consulate, the application form is available. To prevent processing delays, the form must be filled out completely and precisely.

Pay the appropriate fees

The cost of a Belgian passport varies depending on the kind, turnaround time, and application process. Make sure to examine the costs related to the particular application method you select.

Application submission

You can either submit the application online or at a Belgian embassy or consulate, together with the necessary supporting documentation.

To await processing

Depending on the manner of the application and the backlog, the processing period for a Belgium passport may take several weeks. You can cut the processing time in half if you choose an express service.

You can obtain a Belgian passport and take advantage of being a citizen by doing these things while being mindful of the costs involved.

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