Built Ford Tough Scholarship

Built Ford Tough Scholarship

Built Ford Tough Scholarship

Midwest Ford Dealers are funding $1,000 scholarships for Kansas FFA members who are high school seniors or current college students as part of Ford Motor Company’s continued commitment of $1 million in annual assistance to the National FFA Foundation. In addition to academic performance, scholarships are awarded based on agricultural and leadership experience.

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Ford Motor Company continues to fund the Ford Build Tough Scholarship program 2023 with a $1 million annual contribution to each Kansas FFA member. The beneficiary student must be a current college student or a high school senior to be eligible for this scholarship.

This award, along with the company’s other scholarships, is part of the Build Ford Tough collegiate program scholarship. The Ford Truck Scholarships have connected local Ford members with FFA members in their communities since 1998. The Ford Motor Company is founded on the premise of providing extended education opportunities.

Built Ford Tough Scholarship

The awards are part of the Ford Built Ford Tough collegiate scholarship program. Since 1997, the program, which is sponsored equally by Ford Motor Company and Ford dealers, has provided more than $5 million in scholarships to over 5,000 FFA members.

Ford dealers around the country have granted more than $12.4 million in scholarships after years of ongoing support and thousands of beneficiaries. Each dealer has the option of sponsoring as many $1,000 scholarships as they choose.

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Description Of the Built Ford Tough Scholarship

  • A student who has set some higher goals and has planned higher education can benefit from such a scholarship, which The National FFA Foundation, different businesses, and other individuals have supported.
  •  The National FFA supports all areas of agriculture under their agriculture, whether for college, trade school, or certifications.
  •  Just one application is required for various other FFA-granted scholarships, combined, these opportunities have a total worth of around $2 million.

Benefits of the Built Ford Tough Scholarship 

Built Ford Tough Scholarship

Up to 500 $1,000 scholarships will be offered on behalf of participating Ford Truck dealers. Five additional national $1,000 scholarships will be given to students who do not live near a participating Ford Truck dealer but have obtained a Ford dealer signature and dealer code.

Ford Trucks will also award funds to FFA chapters in each of the six (6) NAAE areas, in addition to scholarships. Qualifying chapters must have a participating local Ford dealer and a minimum of three (3) applicants for the Built Ford Tough – FFA Scholarship.

Students obtaining a two- or four-year degree in any field. Applicants must apply online and then visit a participating Ford Truck dealer to obtain a signature and dealer code. All FFA scholarships are open to qualified students, but in order to be considered for the Built Ford Tough – FFA Scholarship, they must have a Ford dealer signature and dealer code on the necessary Signature Page.

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Deadline and other important details for Built Ford Tough Scholarship Program 2023

  • The deadline usually set for this scholarship is February month of every year.
  • Around 500 scholarships are awarded each year through FFA.
  • The awarded value for this is usually $1000 per scholarship.
  • This scholarship is generally awarded based on your school ranking, GPA, and SAT/ACT score.

How to apply for the Built Ford Tough Scholarship 

Built Ford Tough Scholarship

  • Anyone interested in taking advantage of this scholarship opportunity must go online, fill out an application form, and submit it. They must next visit a nearby Ford Truck Dealer to obtain the necessary signature and dealer code.
  • FFA and participating Ford Truck Dealers will grant up to 500 such scholarships.
  • 5 such scholarships will be given to individuals who are able to obtain the signature and dealer code of Ford Truck dealers but do not live in that dealer’s location.
  • Full-time students at any approved two-year or four-year college or university in the United States are eligible for this scholarship.
  • You can submit the form online by visiting this page.

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