Got A Spine Scholarship

Got A Spine Scholarship

The Arctic Chiropractic Fairbanks in Canada sponsors the Got a Spine Scholarship on an annual basis. The scholarship is given by the organization that awards it as a method to draw attention to chiropractic treatment.

Arctic Chiropractic’s mission is to support and improve each patient’s spinal health while educating the public and each patient about the benefits of receiving chiropractic care. For a variety of reasons, people get back pain, and our goal is to educate as many people as we can about preventative measures for persistent back problems.

There have been seven award recipients so far, each from a different state, from Alberta to Indiana. Their academic specialties are as diverse, spanning from speech pathology to criminal justice.

The caliber and depth of the applicants’ research will be evaluated. Essays with strong writing and creativity will be given preference.

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Details of Got A Spine Scholarship

Deadline: May 2, 2024

Funding: $500

One student receives the $500 award each year. The recipients are residents of the United States or Canada. The scholarship will aid in paying for college or university expenses for the initial autumn semester.

Eligible Nationalities:  Canada, United States

Eligible Grade: College Freshman

Maximum Age: Any

Required GPA: 2.5

Gender: Any

Race/Ethnicity: Any

Type of Study: Health Care


  • Canada
  • United States

University: Any

Scholarship Name: Got A Spine Scholarship

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A student who wants to be considered for the Arctic Chiropractic “Got a Spine Scholarship” must:

1) Enroll in a college or university by October 2023 at the latest.

2) By October 2023, be enrolled full-time at a college or institution.

3. Have a GPA of 2.5 or above from their most recent academic year.

4) Live in the United States or Canada.

5) Enroll in a school by October 2023 in the United States or Canada.

6) On the day of the deadline, essay responses must be sent by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

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Benefits of Got A Spine Scholarship

All academic disciplines are included.

You can apply for the scholarship even if you are not majoring in medical or health studies. You can apply and have a chance of obtaining the scholarship regardless of your field of study.

How you spend the money is up to you.

Any costs associated with attending school may be paid for using the scholarship money. You can use it to pay for school fees, books, lodging, lab equipment, or any other study-related expenses.

All universities in the United States and Canada are accepted

The scholarship can be used to cover costs at any college or university in the United States or Canada. It doesn’t matter what kind of institution you attend.

How to ace the Got A Spine Scholarship

Do extensive study on the essay prompts.

The application includes three questions about back discomfort. Use their website and other sources for research to get the answers to the questions. Your chances of winning the prize increase the more accurate your answers are.

Create a concise essay by organizing your ideas.

Using the questions as a guide, write the initial draft of your essay, deciding what each paragraph will include. You have a 1,000 word maximum, so edit your draft to stay inside that restriction.

In your second essay, demonstrate your personality.

Your chance to excel will be in the second essay. Explain why you want to pursue your chosen degree of study. Your sales pitch is here. Show your enthusiasm while remaining inside the allotted 250 words.

Bring in two third parties examining your essays

Give at least two individuals a chance to read your essays after you’ve finished writing and editing them. They’ll look at it objectively and provide insightful criticism that will help the writings get better.

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How to apply for Got A Spine Scholarship

How to Use: Complete the fields below and click the submit button. Contact the scholarship administrator at if you have any questions.

The following subjects must be covered in 1000 words or less by applicants.

1) What are the three most common reasons people get back problems?

2) What are three ways you can be sure you won’t ever experience chronic back pain again?

3) What are the three techniques that chiropractors employ to treat back pain?

4) In a 250-word essay, please explain why you believe you deserve the scholarship.

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Deadline of Got A Spine Scholarship

The Got A Spine Scholarship application is due on Tuesday, May 2, 2024. The online submission window will open in January 2023.

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