How to Migrate to Canada Without the IELTS Test

A lot of people are wondering if they can migrate to Canada without IELTS, “YES” you can migrate to Canada without the IELTS. The IELTS has raised lots of concerns for international students. A lot of people say it’s too expensive while English-speaking countries believe it’s totally unfair.

Canada has two official languages, English is the first while French is the second. Canada is only accepting foreigners that are proficient in the English language and that is why they place a high value on the IELTS, which is an English language test to test your English proficiency. The Canadian government wants to ensure that all immigrants are equipped with a good command of the English language to allow them to communicate perfectly with the locals.

Proficiency in French can also be accepted. You can still migrate to Canada if you don’t want to take the English language test or the French language test. Read below to know ways to migrate to Canada without IELTS.

How to migrate to Canada without the IELTS test

Below we are going to highlight a few steps to take in order to migrate successfully to Canada without Sitting IELTS Test!

1. Look for universities or colleges that don’t require IELTS

One of the ways to immigrate to Canada without the IELTS is to look out for universities that don’t require it. The Canadian embassy does not require the test, it is the universities and colleges that require English proficiency tests. So if you can research and find a university that doesn’t require international students to produce an IELTS certificate, then you have a chance of migrating to Canada.
Google can help you with your search, below are some top universities that don’t require IELTS
University of Regina
Carleton University
University of Winnipeg
Cambrian College
University of Saskatchewan
Seneca College, Toronto.

2. Obtain the English Proficiency Certificate

Schools in Canada presently offer international students another route. An English proficiency certificate can be accepted in place of the IELTS. It is quite easy to obtain if your previous studies were taught in English, all that is required is to request your certificate and use it as proof of English proficiency. This serves as an alternative to the IELTS.

3. Apply for a Canada work permit

A lot of people are not aware that you can apply for a Canadian work permit without IELTS. As stated above IELTS is just a way to test your English language capability to know if you can communicate with others while you are in Canada. All that is required to travel to Canada for work is just your work permit. To obtain a Canadian work permit, the first thing to do is to secure a job from a recognized Canadian employer.
Note this step only works if your Canadian employer doesn’t request your IELTS score. However, lots of employers in Canada don’t ask for it.

4. Take an Online English Language Course

One of the major reasons people don’t like taking the IELTS is that it is quite expensive and requires a lot of preparation required to take the exams successfully. One can take an online English language course online in place of IELTS. It is quite easier and affordable than the IELTS. Additionally, it does not have a standard required for a pass. The certificate can be used as proof of English language proficiency and it is well accepted. You can search the internet and you will discover lots of sites offering English language courses.

5. Use the Alternatives to IELTS

As stated above, people dislike the IELTS because of its price and the preparation involved in taking the test. There are various options available for individuals who can’t provide or don’t want to take the IELTS test.
Have you heard of the Duolingo English Test (DET)? It is accepted as an international English language test in various countries and luckily Canada is one of them. The Duolingo test can be taken online at home, provided you have a good internet connection, a computer, a front-facing camera, a microphone, speaker and a browser that is supported. The test is quite easy, very cheap and it takes less than an hour to complete, and the results are out within 48 hours.

Other alternatives to the IELTS accepted in Canada include English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL). Some universities do offer their own test like the Intensive English Language Program (IELP).


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