U.S passport renewal

How to Renew Your American Passport

Your U.S. Department of State can help you renew your passport, which is a simple procedure. The actions to take when renewing your US passport are as follows:

Find out if you’re eligible.

You must fulfill certain requirements in order to renew your U.S. passport. Your current U.S. passport must be current and haven’t been issued more than 15 years ago. You must apply for a new passport rather than a renewal if your present one is destroyed, lost, or has expired for longer than five years.

Assemble your papers

You’ll need to gather a few documents before you can renew your US passport. These papers contain your current U.S. passport, a 2×2-inch passport photo, and the properly filled-out passport renewal application. You will also need to present documentation of your identification and US citizenship.

Send in your application for renewal.

There are various ways to submit your application for renewal. You generally have two options for renewing your passport: first, by mail to the U.S. Department of State or in person at a U.S. Passport Agency or U.S. Department of State Acceptance Facility.

Remit the fee

Whether you are renewing your conventional U.S. passport book or U.S. passport card will affect the cost of your passport renewal. A conventional U.S. passport book costs $110, while a U.S. passport card costs $30.

Await receiving your new passport.

You can anticipate receiving your new US passport in 4 to 6 weeks after submitting your renewal application. You may choose to pay an extra cost for expedited service if you need your passport right away.

You can quickly and easily renew your U.S. passport by following these instructions. Do not forget to give yourself plenty of time prior to your travel, as processing times can change. Wishing you luck and safe travels!

Advice for a Quick and Easy Passport Renewal Process

  • In advance: Plan early because it takes time to renew your U.S. passport. Make sure to renew your passport far enough in advance if you have a trip coming up to ensure you have it in time.
  • Fill out the application completely: Provide accurate and current information when completing the passport renewal application. Inaccurate information can cause the processing of your renewal to be delayed.
  • Obtain a passport photo: You must provide a 2×2 inch passport photo with your renewal application. Consider employing a passport picture agency to guarantee that your photo satisfies the government’s criteria.
  • Make copies of all your documents before submitting your renewal application, and keep them all. This will be useful if your application is delayed or lost in the mail.
  • Check the processing times: The time it takes to renew a US passport can change. For the most recent information on processing times, visit the website of the US Department of State.

You can make the passport renewal process as easy and stress-free as possible by paying attention to the advice provided below.

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How to Hasten the Renewal of Your US Passport

Identify whether you require rapid service.

You might need to expedite your renewal if you require your passport sooner than the typical processing time of 4 to 6 weeks. An imminent trip or a change in circumstances, such as a misplaced or stolen passport, may necessitate urgent assistance.

Select the accelerated service option.

There are various ways to speed up the renewal of your US passport. You can expedite your renewal by mail or in person at an acceptance facility operated by the US Department of State or the US Passport Agency. If you need your passport sooner than two to three weeks, you can get same-day or next-day service by going in person to a Regional Passport Agency.

Spend the extra money.

Depending on the option you select, there is an extra charge for faster service. While expedited in-person service costs $170, expedited mail service costs $60.

Assemble your papers

The same paperwork needed for a conventional renewal—a completed passport renewal application, a 2×2 inch passport photo, and your existing U.S. passport—must be gathered in order to expedite your renewal.

Send in your application for renewal.

Send your renewal application, the necessary paperwork, and the expedited charge. Check the hours and appointment availability of the Regional Passport Agency you intend to visit if you are expediting your renewal in person.

You can expedite your US passport renewal and, in certain situations, get your new passport in as little as 24 hours by following these instructions. Planning ahead is essential because expedited service is not always available, and processing times can change.


In conclusion, anyone who needs to go outside of the country must renew their U.S. passport. Whether it’s your first or tenth time renewing your passport, following these instructions and advice can help make the process simple and stress-free. The US Department of State offers a number of tools to make the procedure as smooth as possible, from determining your eligibility to expediting your renewal. You can get your new U.S. passport and be all set for your next vacation with a little planning and attention to detail.

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