How to renew your U.S passport

How to Renew Your US Passport

Renewing your US passport might seem like a complicated process, but it is a relatively simple process. However, it is important to follow the steps carefully so as to avoid delays or complications. This article features the step-by-step process of how to renew your US passport. So, by following these steps, you can successfully renew your US Passport without issues.

Step By Step Process for Renewing your US Passport

Determine Eligibility

The first step to renewing your US passport is to ensure you have a valid passport. You also need to be able to submit it with your renewal application. In a situation where your Passport is stolen or misplaced, you need to get a new one instead of renewing it.

Provide the Required Documentation

When renewing your Passport, you will be required to provide some documentation. One such essential document is the completed passport renewal application. That is Form DS-B2. You also need to provide two passport photos, your former Passport, and the required payment for your renewal fee.

Submit the Renewal Application

The step is to submit the already completed renewal application. You can submit the application via mail or in person. It should be submitted to a Regional Passport Agency. N alternative is an authorized Passport Acceptance Facility. If you will be submitting by mail, ensure you send it by a traceable method. Also, include all necessary supporting documents.

Pay the Fee

The renewal process comes with a fee. The fee varies depending on whether you need a standard or expedited Passport. It also depends on whether you are renewing a standard or expedited Passport.

Wait for your new Passport

After you’ve completed the above step, the next step is to wait for the new Passport. The processing time usually varies. But generally, the processing time can take weeks. However, if you need the Passport sooner than the normal time, you can opt for expedited service. This comes with an additional fee, but you can get your Passport faster.

Receive and check your new Passport

When the new Passport is ready, ensure to check it out. This is to ensure that all information is correct and that there are no errors. If there are any errors, immediately contact the US Department of State.

By following the outlined steps above, you can easily renew your US Passport. Make sure to plan ahead, as renewing your Passport can take time. Since you need a valid passport for international travel, it is better you renew it as quickly as possible.

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What are the Documents Requirement for a US passport Renewal?

The following vital documents are required for passport renewal:

  • Completed renewal application, which is Form DS-B2. This form can be quickly completed online or downloaded and completed by hand.
  • You also need to provide your current Passport. This Passport should not be damaged and must be in your possession and submitted alongside the renewal application.
  • Provide two recent passport photos. This photo must meet all necessary passport photo requirements, like size, lighting and background.
  • A supporting document is also required. However, in some cases, this might not be necessary. But when required, the supporting documentation may include a legal name change document or evidence of U.S. citizenship.

Before starting the U.S. passport renewal process, it is vital to review the requirements for renewing a passport. This will help you avoid any delays or issues.


Renewing your U.S. passport is quite a straightforward process. It is only simple when you follow the right process and provide all required documents for the process. Ensure to plan ahead, as the process can take several weeks. It is also essential to have a valid passport for travel. If you have any questions relating to renewing your U.S. passport, kindly drop your question in the comment section.

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