Nursing Scholarship Essay Examples

Nursing Scholarship Essay. Online scholarship applications for nursing are available from a variety of commercial, academic, and professional nursing organizations. Since scholarships are essentially free money that does not need to be repaid, practically every scholarship requires applicants to submit an essay as evidence of their qualifications to the scholarship committee.

The bulk of scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic ability rather than need. Therefore, it is essential for a nursing student who is eager to develop their essay-writing skills.

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Most commonly, an essay competition wants to know what motivates you to pursue a nursing career and how you can convince others that they, too, would benefit from the scholarship being offered. You might introduce yourself and your goals and aspirations in the essay. Perhaps a certain person in your life gave you the idea to apply for nursing school. You might also explain to others how receiving the scholarship affected your decision to pursue a career in nursing. An essay can be any length of words. Some request a 500-word limit, while others demand a significantly lengthier piece of writing. Some suggest including photographs in the essay, while others request their exclusion.

Nursing Scholarship Essay

Johnson and Johnson’s Sharps Compliance Scholarship Essay Program requests between 1250 and 1500 words. Only 500 words are required for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s New Careers in Nursing scholarship. Before considering submitting an essay, make sure you are aware of the requirements for each scholarship. You must be enrolled in an accredited nursing program and be an American or Canadian citizen to qualify for these scholarships. Of course, there are scholarships aimed towards international students who want to attend American universities.

It is important to grasp the fundamentals of essay writing, regardless of whether the essay is on nursing. Essays need a solid organizational framework, such as an introduction, a supporting argument, a counterargument, and a conclusion. You might wish to divide the text into several subjects relevant to why you want to be a nurse if you are discussing what motivates you to become a nurse.

Alternately, you may create a chronological chronology based on your life, beginning with earlier occurrences and concluding with later ones. Whatever format you decide on, keep in mind that the essay must be simple to read and logical.

Check your work for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors using more than just computer tools; contact a friend or family member who is fluent in English to review it. This might be a buddy, speaker, or instructor. It’s frequently a good idea to seek a second opinion on all elements of your job, but make sure you are clear on your objectives. In the end, this essay is about you and your qualifications for the award.

Before you begin writing, gather all the data you require from your studies and daily life. Consider all of your nursing-related experiences as well as the aspects of your life that you are most proud of. Make sure the facts you use to support your claims. There are nursing scholarship essay samples online for you to look at, but you must, above all, be original. You will stand out from the competition if your scholarship essay is strong. Maybe you can demonstrate how your past involvement in volunteer work or paid employment has provided you an advantage over other candidates and increased your knowledge of the industry.

Perhaps you have a love for the nursing profession that other candidates lack, or perhaps your life experiences show you to be a marvelously well-rounded person with leadership skills. It is important to include any honors, former scholarships, and leadership positions. Describe your involvement in your local community by mentioning a club, group, or society where you volunteered your time.

Any unique academic endeavors or original research you conducted can set you apart from the competition. Don’t ignore these topics in the mistaken belief that the judges won’t be interested in hearing about them. Instead, emphasize how your mature personality has evolved through potentially painful or challenging life events. In the end, they are interested in knowing who the real you are and to whom they are giving this money.

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Your personality characteristics were pre-programmed into you at birth and have grown throughout your life. It can be quite pertinent to devote a paragraph to explaining why you are fit to be a nurse. Everyone needs a few universal qualities to excel in the nursing field, such as compassion, effective communication skills, attention to detail, organization, and observance.

Additionally, you must have the tenacity to persevere through training and a strong desire to become a nurse. You might also want to emphasize motivation, creativity, emotional stability, self-reliance, responsibility, and volunteerism.

It’s critical to establish the proper tone for the essay. You don’t want to come out as arrogant or make inflated promises. Provide evidence to support your claims, and keep your tone confident but grounded. Avoid using humor to make yourself stand out since getting a scholarship is a serious matter. Use brief, straightforward language that aren’t overly complex. Using a professional voice is a smart move.

It is crucial to understand who exactly is giving you the scholarship. If you get a scholarship, they want you to represent their values. Before you start writing the essay, you should examine the organization’s history, ethos, and philosophy. You should learn as much as you can about them. The assessors will be more convinced of your potential suitability to represent the organization by way of a scholarship when you can more convincingly demonstrate this.

Do not feel as though you need to have much medical expertise to practice nursing. Since you haven’t had training yet, you are not required to be aware of this. However, it is helpful to illustrate how you have previously displayed particular character traits that are pertinent to the career. Check the essay submission deadline one last time because you don’t want to forget.

Nursing Scholarship Essay Example

For your guidance and inspiration, here’s a basic nursing scholarship essay template/outline to follow:

Dear, ___________,


Summarize your intent for your application and what attracts you to the nursing profession.

Following paragraph:

Talk about your existing skills and experience based on the application brief, backing up your statements with an example or two.

Talk about activities or events you’ve participated in as well as practical skills that make you an excellent candidate. Again, use examples here.


Move onto your ‘why I want to become a nurse’ statement, followed by an insight into your career-based goals, aims, and aspirations.


State why you have the personal attributes to be a successful candidate, explain why you make an excellent fit for this particular scholarship and end with an impactful, emotive line that showcases your passion for nursing.

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Guidelines to Nursing Scholarship Essay

Make sure your essay has a clear outline

Scholarship programs for nurses seek out essays that demonstrate a coherent intellectual process. By making a straightforward plan, you can make sure that your scholarship essay is presented in a clear manner. The introduction, body, and conclusion are the three primary sections of your outline.

The key ideas you’ll cover in your essay should be introduced in the introduction, which should also grab the interest of your readers.

Your essay’s body should be divided into many paragraphs that discuss each of the essay’s primary arguments

The key points should be backed up by details, ideas, quotes, and other pertinent information that will keep your readers interested. Your essay’s major point should be reiterated in the end. The future can also be brought up in a scholarship essay’s conclusion. You can do this by outlining your long-term nursing career objectives or by identifying a specific goal you intend to accomplish during your nursing career.

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Make sure you punctuate, spell, and use good grammar

When writing a scholarship essay, it’s crucial to employ good language, spelling, and punctuation. Even if studying grammar and spelling may not be a requirement for the nursing industry, it is crucial that your essay is free of any obvious mistakes. Making sure your essay is error-free will help you come across as professional and create a good impression on the judges.

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Respond in writing to the objectives and requirements of the scholarship

Make sure your essay addresses the requirements of the award. Some scholarships could demand that you work in a specific location, attend a specific nursing program, or want to practice in a specific specialty of nursing. Your essay should make it very apparent how you satisfy these demands.

Make as many inquiries as you can regarding the scholarship program and the institution providing the award.

Scholarships are frequently awarded by organizations to advance specific goals or interests. Make sure to emphasize how your professional aspirations will contribute to the mission of the scholarship program.

Any questions should be answered fully

Make sure you provide a clear and comprehensive response to any questions that the scholarship program has asked you to address in your essay. This is frequently a simple approach for judges to exclude applications that don’t meet the requirements for the prize. Any questions that are posed must be addressed in your essay otherwise it’s possible that it won’t be taken into account.

Be unique

Your essay will be included among hundreds, perhaps even thousands, written by nursing students who also have the aptitude and desire to excel in the nursing field. Your essay won’t be read if it doesn’t stand out. You can either come up with an original essay topic or write on a common subject but use a fresh approach. Consider your own distinct personality and experiences as you strive to come up with novel ideas for your essay.

What prompted your decision to pursue a career in nursing? What life lessons will you bring to the nursing profession? Consider what distinguishes you as a nursing student and potential nurse. This will assist you in coming up with a novel idea or strategy.

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When reusing essays, use caution

You may be able to reuse any or all of your writings for different scholarship applications during the scholarship application process. But you shouldn’t just create a couple of generic essays and submit them with each scholarship application. Always keep in mind that the judges who select the scholarship recipients are searching for a unique essay that addresses the objectives and purpose of the award program. You will have a significantly higher chance of success if you specifically address the nursing scholarship you are applying for in each of your essays.

Get a second opinion, or even a third or fourth

After you’ve completed writing, make sure to have at least one more person read it over. You can enlist the help of your friends, family, teachers, and professors as your editors. When someone else reads your article, they may see mistakes and make suggestions for changes. It is advisable to have at least one other person review your essay, but it would be ideal to have three or more others do so.

If you adhere to these recommendations, you will be able to create a unique, polished, and successful essay that gives you an advantage over the competitors.

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