Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship

Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship

The Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship, an annual program started by Stantec to encourage the next generation of business leaders and offer financial aid to historically underrepresented students pursuing STEAM education, is now accepting applications.

  • Host: Stantec
  • Maximum Amount: $10,000
  • Opening Date: Incoming
  • Qualified Programs: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM)
Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship
Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship


Scholarship Description

Scholarship amounts will vary from $1,500 and $10,000, and the number of awards will depend on the specific needs stated by applicants. There will also be 10 paid internships available to applicants (locations to be revealed annually).

The Stantec Equity & Diversity Scholarship serves as a light of opportunity in a time when diversity and inclusion are more than simply trendy terms. By providing financial aid to historically underrepresented groups and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) individuals, this initiative—powered by Stantec, a widely respected design and consulting firm—is dedicated to fostering diversity in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM).

The scholarship helps to develop a vital mass of gifted individuals who will not only accurately reflect the industry but also flourish intellectually and professionally in a setting that encourages and develops their potential. Through this scholarship, Stantec expresses its support for the idea that everyone has a right to an education and wants to remove obstacles that stand in the way, particularly for marginalized and BIPOC groups.

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Benefits of the Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship

It is not a token gesture that the Stantec Equity & Diversity Scholarship exists. It is a considerable financial investment because $200,000 is annually put into the education of worthy pupils. Based on the precise needs stated by the applicants, the amount of scholarships provided each year is decided. Each prize has a different value, ranging from $1,500 to $10,000, which significantly helps individuals in need.

Additionally, Stantec goes above and beyond by providing 10 paid internships annually. Each year, the sites for these internships are determined, giving students a fantastic chance to obtain practical experience in the subject of their choice.

The Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship represents Stantec’s larger commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion and offers more than simply financial support. When it comes to assisting underrepresented groups in their sector, Stantec is clearly committed to not just talking the talk but also walking the walk. This campaign is a prime illustration of this.

The scholarship is a crucial component of Stantec’s strategy to improve their attention on developing the pipeline for future talent. Stantec strives to remove the obstacles that frequently prevent members of underrepresented groups from accessing school and professional advancement by offering financial aid and opportunities like internships.

Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship
Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship


Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must be registered at a college, university, or other post-secondary institution for the academic year 2023–2024 in order to be eligible for the Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship.

An impartial committee reviews the thorough applications, taking into account the applicants’ academic objectives, volunteer work in the community, leadership in extracurricular activities, and overall career aspirations. The goal is to find applicants who not only exhibit academic aptitude but also have a distinct future vision, a commitment to their community, and a tendency for leadership.

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Application Method

For the Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship, only applicants who are certain of their eligibility should submit an application. Online applications are accepted for all positions. Candidates must submit all required information and supporting documentation. It is important to understand that late applications will not be considered. In order to guarantee they submit their applications on time, students are advised to verify the deadline. Applicants must use due diligence to ensure that the supporting materials they provide are correct and comprehensive.

The academic transcript and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are required supporting papers. Candidates who want to be considered for the program must submit these documents.

Selection Criteria?

Complete applications will be reviewed by an impartial selection committee, which will choose grantees based on:

  • Educational objectives/potential academic
  • Through extracurricular activities, extracurricular leadership, and career aspirations
  • Essay topics: Personal statement and communication abilities


Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship
Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship



For students from marginalized and BIPOC groups, the Stantec Equity and Diversity Scholarship represents a significant chance to obtain funding and support for their academic endeavors. It is a testament to Stantec’s dedication to promoting an inclusive and varied working culture and encouraging a variety of viewpoints and contributions to the field and the larger community. By providing grants and internship opportunities, Stantec is dismantling obstacles, empowering the following generation of leaders, and leaving a lasting impression on the business community.


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