University of the People (UOP) Scholarship

University of the People (UOP) Scholarship (Online University)

The University of the People (UOP) is a revolutionary online university that was established with the fundamental goal of eliminating the barriers that often limit access to higher education.
Founded in 2009, University of the People (UOP) received accreditation in February 2014. The university provides master’s degree programmes in business administration, information technology, and education along with certifications, associate and bachelor’s degree programmes in computer science, health science, and business administration.

In 2020, University of the People in Arabic opened its doors, giving Arabic-speaking students with extensive English-language training together with associate and bachelor’s degrees in business administration. More than 137,000 students from more than 200 nations and territories are enrolled at this time. Of these students, almost 16,500 are refugees.

Shai Reshef, the organization’s founder and president, the esteemed members of its international boards of trustees and advisors, and its faculty are among the hundreds of volunteers who work at UoPeople. Twelve representatives from the top organizations around the world make up the President’s Council (the full list is available here). More than 38,000 experts have volunteered to take on leadership positions, including provost, dean, administrator, or faculty.

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Details of University of the People (UOP) Scholarship (Online University)

Anyone who has financial difficulties can apply for a scholarship.
Due to the fact that funding is given out on a first-come, first-served basis, start your application right away.
Scholarships are still available to students who have already started taking classes with University of the People (UOP) Scholarship.
If a scholarship application is turned down due to a lack of funding, it may be approved the following term.
Self-evaluation and trust are the cornerstones of our scholarship application procedure. Tell us why you require financial support, and we’ll do the rest. Read more about University of the People (UOP) Scholarship

University of the People Courses

Postgraduate (Masters) Degree

Business Administration
Information Technology

Bachelor’s Degree and Associates Degree

Computer Science
Health Science
Business Administration

Non-Degree Programs

English as a Second Language
Computer Science
Health Science
Business Administration

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Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

The scholarship is available for all, it is not specific to any region or gender
Start by applying on our website at and telling them a little bit about what degree you want to study and where you are in your school right now. Once there, you can pay the $60 application fee by going to their payment website.

Their objective to offer a top-notch education to everyone at no cost is furthered by this small expense. The University of the People (UOP) Scholarship portal login information will then be sent to you through email.

The University of the People (UOP) Scholarship (Online University) Key Features:

  1. Financial Freedom
    The promise of financial freedom is at the core of the University of the People (UOP) Scholarship for International Students. This scholarship ensures that international students can concentrate on their studies without being distracted by prohibitive financial obligations by paying for tuition, course materials, and examination costs.
  2. A Variety of Courses
    Because University of the People (UOP) has so many undergraduate and graduate programmes to select from, scholarship recipients can enrol in a programme that fits their interests and professional aspirations. Everyone can find something to interest them, from business administration to computer science.
  3. Worldwide Network
    As a student at University of the People (UOP), you will join a community of learners from all over the world. The chance to interact with other students from various backgrounds will allow you to have a rich and fascinating learning experience.
  4. Recognition and Accreditation
    You may be sure that your UOP degree will be respected all around the world. The California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) and the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) both have accepted the university’s accreditation.
  5. Versatility
    There is flexibility in the study pace offered by the UOP Scholarship for International Students. No matter if you prefer to study full- or part-time, UOP can meet your demands.


Q: Can I apply for multiple scholarships at University of the People (UOP) simultaneously?
A: Yes, you can apply for multiple scholarships; however, keep in mind that each scholarship may have specific eligibility criteria and application requirements. Make sure you meet the requirements for each scholarship you apply for.

Q: How many students are currently enrolled at the UOP Scholarship?
A: More than 126,000 students who from more than 200 nations and territories attend our school. Over the ensuing terms and academic years, it is anticipated that this number would increase.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the choice of majors for scholarship recipients?
A: No, University of the People (UOP) scholarship recipients have the freedom to choose from a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the university.

Q: Is the scholarship available online for international students?
A: Yes! To provide access to higher education for all competent people worldwide, University of the People was founded. The University wants to make authorized academic studies available to everyone, regardless of their financial, social, or geographic circumstances. A genuinely global university experience is made possible for students thanks to the global volunteer and student community that makes up UoPeople. More than 17,000 students from more than 200 nations and territories have been accepted by University of the People (UOP).

Q: Are there any additional resources or support services for international students at UOP?
A: Certainly! UOP offers various support services for international students, including academic advising, tutoring, and career guidance. Additionally, you can connect with the vibrant international student community for a smoother transition.

Q: Where is the University located
A: The majority of the University’s paperwork and document processing is handled by professionals in our Pasadena, California, Office of Admissions. they are a completely online institution without a physical location.

Q: How can I stay updated on scholarship announcements and deadlines?
A: Our WhatsApp number for University of the People (UOP) Scholarship is available around-the-clock: +1 (626) 264-8880


The University of the People (UOP) Scholarship (Online University) is a beacon of hope for those aspiring to pursue higher education. With its commitment to accessibility, diversity, and academic excellence, UOP empowers students to achieve their educational dreams. Don’t miss this chance to unlock a world of possibilities through the UOP Scholarship. Apply today and embark on your journey towards a brighter future.

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