Watson Brown Scholarship

Watson Brown Scholarship 2023

The Watson brown scholarship: This page provides information about the requirements, eligible nationalities, benefits, host nationalities, scholarship level/field, brief information, application procedures, and additional information for the 2023 scholarship.

Watson Brown Scholarship provides a $5,000 award for tuition fees to all eligible and qualified students in the United States.

To evaluate the eligibility requirements and application process for the Watson Brown Scholarship, we took the time to write a detailed article.

Watson Brown Scholarship

The Watson-Brown Foundation provides grants to designated cities, such as Georgia and South Carolina, based on need and merit. This award is available to students attending accredited four-year colleges and universities in the United States.

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About the Watson Brown Scholarship

The founder of this scholarship, Walter J. Brown, believes that providing your offspring with a quality education is the key to achieving success.

In 1970, he established a private foundation to advance his beliefs. The Watson Brown Scholarship is awarded to Savannah Valley pupils. The Watson-Brown Foundation Scholarship is awarded to students from the Savannah River Valley community, where Brown was born and spent the majority of his life.

Grant allocations are determined by the Board of Trustees during its regular second-quarter meetings.

The Foundation awards scholarships to students based on financial need and academic achievement to assist them in paying for tuition, literature, and room and board. Scholarship payments are mailed directly from the foundation’s office to the university’s student support office of the recipient’s choosing.

Priority will be given to the residents of specific Georgia and South Carolina counties. Despite the fact that standardized test scores reflect more than just academic achievement, the Scholarship Committee will not take SAT or ACT scores into account when evaluating applications.

The Scholarship Committee evaluates all aspects of the application. The Foundation considers each student’s best test score into account. Don’t forget to include all test results in your application.

There is a brief application for renewal, but it is frequently used to correct student information. Previous recipients must submit their transcripts to the foundation by the end of each academic year to demonstrate that they have maintained a grade point average of 3.0 or higher and completed at least 12 credits.

Details of the Watson brown scholarship

  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Country: USA
  • Field of study: Various field of study
  • Deadline: Not specified

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Benefits of the Watson Brown Scholarship

Watson Brown Scholarship

Winners of the Watson Brown Scholarship will receive one of the following financial awards:

  • Moderate Award Amount: $3,000.
  • High Award Amount: $5,000
  • Total award amount: $2,400,000
  • The amount is either $3,000 or $5,000 per year and is renewable for up to four years of college. The quantity granted is contingent on the applicant’s merits.

Eligibility of the Watson Brown Scholarship

Candidates must meet the following criteria to be eligible for consideration for the Watson Brown Scholarship:

  • The applicant must be a high school senior, college senior, or presently enrolled undergraduate student with a permanent address in one of the following Georgia or South Carolina counties:
  • Georgia consists of the following counties: Burke, Columbia, Elbert, Glascock, Hart, Jefferson, Lincoln, McDuffie, Richmond, Taliaferro, Warren, and Wilkes.
  • Aiken, Abbeville, Edge Field, Greenville, McCormick, and Spartanburg are cities in South Carolina.
  • You must attend a university or non-profit institution with at least a four-year program.
    The Foundation acknowledges institutions and colleges accredited by one or more regional accrediting agencies, such as SACS.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • U.S. citizenship requirements
  • You must be a full-time student to qualify.
  • The initiative is restricted to Georgia and South Carolina residents only.

How to apply for the Watson Brown Scholarship

Watson Brown Scholarship

Downloadable applications can be found on the Watson-Brown Foundation website.

Students must establish an account prior to logging in and utilizing the application. Before composing a letter of recommendation request, be certain to include your name.

Returning to the primary menu, choose “Add or Edit Recommendation Requests”

Follow the instructions to complete the recommendation request form. Include your full name, your request, and the contact information for the individual authorizing your recommendation in the “Personal Message from Student” field.

To submit a thorough scholarship application, applicants must include two recommendation letters.

After submitting a request, you can select “Save and Add Another” to submit a second. Remember that the recommendation letter must be written by a member of your institution.

To check the status of your request or to resend it, please visit this page. Logging into your account and selecting “Add or Edit Recommendation Requests” from the main menu will allow you to monitor the status of your requests or resend them.

“Responded” indicates that your letter has been uploaded, whereas “Contacted” indicates that your request has been received but the person who recommended you has not yet sent a letter.

The recommenders can transmit their letterheads to your system both before and after you submit your scholarship application.

Each Letter of Recommendation must be received by the Foundation by February 15, at the latest.

Students are required to submit an authentic photocopy of their parents’ most recent IRS Form 1040. The form can be scanned and uploaded directly into an online form, or it can be printed and mailed.

If you are unable to complete the requested forms for any reason, please explain why in the Financial Need Statement section of the application or attach a written explanation along with the other supporting documents.

Additionally, you can contact the Foundation directly with any questions. The Foundation office uses the confidential financial information to determine the need for financial assistance. You may, however, block or remove your social security number. The documents will not be destroyed until sixty days after the awards have been distributed.

Verify the reliability of the supporting Materials Verify that your transcript and letters of recommendation have been received on time. Ensure that all forms are submitted on or before February 15th. After submitting the form, guarantee that you receive a confirmation email.

Documents Supporting the Claim:

Transcripts from High School and College: High school students must submit an official copy of their transcript. Ensure that SAT and ACT scores, if available, are listed on the transcript. Please transmit an official college transcript if you are currently enrolled in college. In certain circumstances, the Foundation may request secondary school transcripts.

SAT and ACT Scores: If not included on your high school transcript, please submit a copy of your SAT and ACT score report. Either upload an image of your scores directly into the online application, or print the online score report. Since the Foundation only considers the highest subscores from each test taken, be sure to submit ALL scores.

Recommendation Letters: Applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation from teachers/professors, religious leaders, coaches, employers, or other individuals with significant responsibilities. One recommendation must come from the student’s school.

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